2 Types of Japanese Festival Clothing – Yukata and Jinbei

Women Japanese traditional festival wear with red ocean wave pattern Nowadays, Japanese culture is extremely rich and subtle; also, it has fascinated Western countries since the dawn of time. One of the aspects that characterize this cultural famous is its traditional festival clothing. There are plenty of options to consider Japanese fashion, so you look trendy and fashionable and able to enjoy the Japanese festival. Here are the two most famous Japanese Festival Clothing is given below:

1. Japanese Festival Clothing - Yukata

Very often, the yukata is a less formal traditional garment, unsuitable for ceremonies or other official events. Unlike the kimono, which is made of silk or wool, the yukata is a summer kimono, light and casual, made of cotton.

Carp Ocean Wave Pattern Yukata

Originally, this garment was used by the aristocratic class at the end of the baths or as a dressing room in Japan. Nowadays, the yukata is commonly worn at summer events like festivals and fireworks; that’s why it is commonly known as Japanese Festival Clothing.

 2. Japanese Festival Clothing - Jinbei

The jinbei is a less famous Japanese Festival Clothing as compared to yukata. It is a garment dedicated to relaxation and worn at home, but some Japanese keep it when going out in their neighborhood or going to a matsuri. The jinbei is a traditional Japanese dress primarily worn by men as inner wear. It is composed of short pants and a matching short-sleeved jacket; this two-piece garment is made of cotton to let the skin breathe. As a result, the jinbei is very popular in summer when it can be worn like a yukata.

blue jinbei japanese home wear for men with dragon print

The jinbei's jacket closes by crossing the two sides like a kimono but does not require an obi belt, and it closes on the side with small cords. This garment's color is generally sober, in blue, black, or gray tones, with very discreet geometric patterns. Because of its light fabric and loose fit, jinbei is very popular as a pajama or summer garment, whether by Japanese or Westerners.

men japanese ocean wave jinbei

Two important accessories used with Japanese Festival Clothing

  • Japanese hand fan

The fan is an inseparable accessory of Japanese culture. More than a simple object to cool off, the Japanese hand fan has always been anchored in the fascinating history of the rising sun. Nowadays, it is above all a fashion accessory that ties up with Japanese festival clothing because it serves as privileged support for any artistic expression.

pretty girl wearing japanese hair accessory and holding japanese hand fan

  • Japanese hair accessory

Nowadays, different Japanese hair accessories are designed primarily to look elegant and beautiful. Some hairpins are limited only to wear with Japanese festival clothing, whereas another hair accessory can be worn daily. Different hair accessories are Hairpin comb, Crab hairpin, Vintage: Antique ivory hairpin, etc.

Wrapping up:

The Japanese traditional clothing has the advantage of being extremely comfortable, elegant, and refined. Thus, the yukata and the jinbei are very pleasant to wear in Japan, especially in summer. Thus, if you choose to wear Japanese festival clothing, consider a Japanese hair accessory and a Japanese hand fan to create a traditional look.

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