Kimono Cardigan

Bring JAPANESE ART to life

Why Haori

Haori is a Japanese style jacket that has an interesting look. If you are a lover of Japanese fashion, you know that Haori is a must have. Haori is not only easy to wear but it is also exquisite and blends well with other outfits.

Kitsune Mask - Lunar eclipse Kitsune Mask - Anbu Kakashi Kitsune Mask - Rogue Ninja Kitsune Mask - Itachi Uchiha Anbu Kitsune Mask - Bloodstain


Kitsune Mask

Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. In Japanese culture, Fox has contradictory behavior. Foxtume produces different types of kitsune maks for customers. All of our masks are hand-painted with unique design.

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