Everything you should know about Kitsune Mask (Japanese Fox Mask)

Across the world, there are many festivals as well as celebrations. During these festivals or celebrations, people get to interact and learn different cultures. It is essential for people to interact and share cultures. At festivals, you get to learn different people ways of life, different clothing, types of food and even different art works done by different people. Japan is a rich country with a rich history. It has different cultures that are admired by many people around the world. There are many festivals held in the country and people travel to attend the festivals. Shinto festivals are a good example of the festival that attracts many people across the world.

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During many festivals in Japan, people wear masks. Kitsune masks are highly popular in many festivals, and many people buy these masks to wear for fun. Kitsune masks are also referred to as fox masks which are mainly made for festivals and fun. These masks have a face of a fox and fox is a highly respected animal in Japan. It is associated with gods. In Shinto religion, they have a god of by the name Inari. This god is highly associated with agriculture, fertility, and protector of rice. According to the religion, foxes are messengers of Inari. According to religion, foxes have special spirits, and that is why people make kitsune masks for various occasions.


What is a kitsune mask?


Many people who like wearing masks in Japan and around the world ask many questions about fox masks. Kitsune mask is also referred to as fox mask, and it is a special mask wore by Japanese on special festivals for fun. In short, a kitsune mask is any mask that has physical characteristics of a fox. Mostly these masks are worn to pay tribute to the gods. On top of that, the masks can be used for ritual practices. These masks are available in different shapes, color and sizes and many people who attend festivals or perform ritual practices can select any fox mask of their choice.


Why are fox masks so popular in Japan?


Fox masks are very popular in Japan. Many reasons make these masks so popular. One of the reasons that make these masks so popular is the association with foxes. We have mentioned that foxes are special creatures in Japanese culture and are said to be messengers of Inari. For that reason, people hold festivals every year during the rice harvesting season. For that reason, many people have to buy these masks to celebrate the festivals to the fullest. The festival happens mostly from August to November and people are required to wear the Kitsune masks when attending the festivals.


On top of being used more often during festivals, Japanese masks are attractive and funny. For that reason, many people like to buy and wear them for fun. It is important to note that masks wear wore by Japanese to scare away people and even protect people from getting injuries during fights. For that reason, many people are getting these masks to scare away people. On top of that, these masks are highly used on plays and even videos. These are some of the reasons that make kitsune masks so popular.

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Are these masks for Japanese only?


Many people are asking this question, but the answer is no. Many people around the world are wearing these masks for fun and even acting. There are no strict rules for wearing these masks. Anybody who can afford them can buy them and wear any time. In Japan, we have said that they are commonly put during festivals during the rice harvest season. People who are not Japanese can still wear masks and attend the festivals. Mostly these festivals are for fun. And that is why willing people can buy the mask and attend the festival provided they follow the rules set for the festivals. For that reason, you can buy a kitsune mask and wear it for fun or any other purpose.


Types of kitsune masks


Although many people may not understand the Japanese religion culture, it is important to note that kitsune masks are available in different types. It is also important to note that there are good foxes and bad ones in Japanese culture. These give the kitsune two big categories of good and bad ones. On top of that, these two categories are divided into 13 subcategories that include Kaze, Chikyu, Kasai, Sand, Yama, Mori, Jikan and several others. For that reason, we have many types of kitsune masks. They are available in different shape, designs, colors and even the expression of the fox’s face. The most common colors include gold, white and black.

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Where can you buy kitsune masks as well as other Japanese masks


There are many places where you can buy kitsune masks in Japan and other parts of the world. You can visit leading stores that deal with masks in Tokyo and other big cities in Japan. Can you buy kitsune masks online? Yes, many manufacturers of these masks are making buying easy for interested buyers around the world. You can easily buy these fox masks on online store. You just need to visit the sites, select the mask that you like and make your purchase and it will be delivered in a short period.

 Link: https://www.foxtume.com/collections/kitsune-mask

Are fox masks expensive?


When you visit Foxtume, you can see that these masks are not expensive. Most of these masks are well priced to ensure that all interested buyers can have them. If you visit Japan during the festivals, you can as well get these masks at pocket-friendly prices.


Kitsune masks are highly valued in Japanese culture. They are masks used mostly during rice harvesting festivals and for fun. Anybody can buy and wear kitsune masks as they are not strictly for Japanese.

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