How Can You Style A Kimono With A Kitsune Mask?

What you wear speaks volumes about you. Immediately you enter a room, most probably, the first thing people notice about you is what you are wearing. Therefore, picking the right clothes is as important as selecting the personality you want to display out there.

However, before thinking about impressing other people, your comfort comes first. Whatever fabric you pick should be comfortable. The weather also dictates what you wear. Winter needs some covering up, but it is not an excuse to be dull. Summer comes with vibrancy, giving you a chance to throw in interesting pieces.

Whether its winter or summer, it wouldn’t hurt to blend in some Japanese style. A kimono cardigan, when styled the right way, can transform your look magically. The good thing about a kimono cardigan is that it’s suitable for everyone, petite or lean. It gives you an elegant yet casual look regardless of what you wear underneath. Let’s look at how you can style a kimono with a Kitsune mask.

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A Kitsune mask adds life to your kimono.  This Japanese look has done so much for the world than we might ever know. Instead of a plain colored kimono cardigan, the mask print is going to give you a completely new look, one that you will love. It doesn’t limit your style; instead, it opens up fun ways of dressing.

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You can wear your kimono with a Kitsune mask anywhere. To a formal event, to the mall, to a picnic or your weekend brunch. Here are some ways to style your kimono cardigan.

  1. Let it dominate. Since your cardigan already has a Kitsune mask print, it obviously will be conspicuous. It will draw all the attention. Therefore, keep everything else simple, your shoes, accessories, and clothes you wear underneath. The kimono will go a long way in giving you a unique look despite the simplicity.
  1. Try some shorts. Summer is when everyone takes out their shorts and t-shirts. This same old look can get boring. However, you can give it life. It’s quite simple, all you need to do is pull that kimono cardigan with a Kitsune mask. Just ensure one is longer than the other. The kimono can either be above or below the shorts, and the outcome is still fantastic.
  1. Wear a dress. You can never go wrong with pairing a kimono with a dress. Choosing a body-con dress will create some contrast giving you an impressive look. Choose colors that blend well with your kimono cardigan. For a more appealing look, wear your stilettos on and step out ready to take the world by surprise.
  1. Go old-school. Probably every time you wear a maxi dress, your mind dashes back to the ’70s. But the look never gets old. Once you’ve picked a maxi dress, you can pair it with a kimono cardigan with a Kitsune mask comfortably. For a more elegant look, belt up our dress. This could be a great way to look stylish and sophisticated while pregnant. However, it is not a reservation for expectant women, so go ahead and try it out.

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  1. Go swimming. We go swimming to have fun and relax. Nothing beats being stylish at the swimming pool. Not only will you feel confident, but you also appreciate your body. Once you step out of the water, you need something to cover up your swimsuit. This is an ultimate chance to pull your kimono with a Kitsune mask. To add icing to the cake, you can wear a hat and Geta.

However, as good and simple as it may seem, wearing a kimono cardigan has some rules. Rules that when broken, can make every effort go down the drain. Let’s look at some of the common errors we should avoid. You should be on the lookout for errors such as wrapping your kimono right over left.

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Many people believe that kimono cardigans are exclusively female wear. But that is wrong. Men can as well wear kimono cardigans and make a statement. It only calls for a little creativity.  Once you can wear it the right way, then the world is all yours to shine in. The best way for a man to wear a kimono is in jeans. It gives you a fantastic street look that will make people drool. What’s more interesting is that you can choose a kimono cardigan with a Kitsune mask and the results are incredible. It wouldn’t hurt if you accessorize, ensure you do it with moderation.

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How to Choose the Best Kimono cardigan?

Before buying anything, it is always good to give it a thought. A slight mistake could make you spend money on a piece you will never take out of your closet. When choosing a kimono, understand your body shape. For instance, if you have a defined waistline, shorter styles might be best for you. This is because they will draw attention to your upper body, exactly where your waist is. If you want to distract the eyes from your upper body, go for longer kimonos.  You can wear them with slim fit jeans or a straight skirt for the desired results. They will emphasize your hips, legs, or generally your lower body.  The bottom line is, choose a kimono depending on what part of your body you want to camouflage or to emphasize.  Never shy away from trying out the kimono before leaving the shop. It saves you the frustration of buying the right outfit.

When picking the right print to have on your kimono cardigan, ensure that you pick one that accentuates your style. There is a number of prints to choose from, so you can never run out of options.  If you are worrying about you can get state of the art kimono cardigans with Kitsune mask, then worry no more. Several online shops have beautiful kimonos that will catch your eye. Besides delivery, you get to enjoy some of the best discounts ever. This applies to both male and female kimonos.

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