Most Important things to consider when wearing Haori Jackets

The haori is a Japanese style jacket that has an interesting look. If you are a lover of Japanese fashion, you know that the haori is a must have. The haori is not only easy to wear but it is also exquisite and blends well with other outfits. This jacket looks great if worn with jeans or as part of the evening wear outfit. If you like to go the traditional way, you can as well wear it over a kimono.


What exactly is the haori? Well, the haori is a long jacket with swinging sleeves. In most cases, it is made of lovely fabrics and has intricate designs at the back. You do not need an obi or a sash to wear the haori jacket. You can fasten it at the center front or wear it open. Most Japanese people don’t like wearing it with a sash. The choice is yours. They also look amazing if worn with a waist belt. It is interesting how the haori jackets perfectly became part of the western world fashion.


The haori jacket can never disappoint you if you want to add a Japanese touch to your wardrobe. It is always important to diversify if you are a style enthusiast. Let us have a look at some of the most important things to know about the haori.


How to Pair the Haori with Other Outfits


Pairing with neutral shirts

How about wearing it with a neutral shirt? In most cases, the haoris for women come in bold patterns and bright colors. Haoris for men are mostly made of muted or dark colors. You do not want to look like a rainbow or like disco lights. This is why you should be careful with what you pair with the haori. It is advisable that you wear a neutral blouse or t-shirt underneath the haori. This way, the shirt or blouse does not take attention away from the beauty of the haori. For example, a grey, black or white thin t-shirt is a great choice. You can as well choose colors that match with those of the haori.


Pairing with jeans

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Jeans are a favorite to most people. Pairing them with the haori in the right way brings unmatched results. If you want to achieve a casual look, try them with jeans. The best thing about haoris is that they are versatile and look great with any bottom. This does not mean that you just go for any color of jeans or design. Be careful with the color of jeans you choose. Ensure that the colors blend or match perfectly. Wearing the haori with jeans brings a casual vibe which is perfect for going to shopping or dinner with friends.


Pairing with shorts

Have you given the warm weather a thought? Since the haori jacket is lightweight, you can wear it in summer or spring. What matters most are other clothes that you wear to blend with the haori. Shorts are perfect for the summer. Do you really want the best combination for warm days? Try a pair of shorts, a bright haori and a neutral top. This way, you will not only feel comfortable for the weather but also stylish.


Pairing with a long skirt

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Do you want a soft look? Pair the haori with a maxi skirt or a knee-length skirt. These two skirts perfectly blend with the haori jacket because they are they are a unique combination. At times, you need to be bold enough to look different.


Pairing with haori sweater

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You also need to look great during the cold season. If you are a huge fan of haori, how can you wear it as a winter garment? The best thing is to pair it with a heavy sweater. Since haoris are oversized, you can comfortably wear them over cardigans and thick sweaters. This is yet another fashionable winter look. You can as well pair the haori with boots, a knit hat, or a knit hat. Also do not forget to keep colors in mind when matching your clothes.


Pairing with a dress

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If you love dresses, you are not left out. Whether you are going for dinner or to work, a dress and a haori match quite well. Look for a dress whose colors blend well with the haori. Most Haori’s come in beautiful designs and high quality fabric. Your main task will be to identify colors that complement each other. Whether it’s a black dress, complicated design or a simple dress, the haori completes the entire outfit in an amazing way. You can also go bold and try pairing a black haori with a red dress. It is advisable not to wear the same colors because they may not look impressive.


Accessorizing the Haori


Wearing a scarf

Scarfs look great with haoris. Try wearing a long scarf around your neck that hangs downwards at the front of your haori. There is also nothing wrong with wearing a smaller scarf that does not hang. Wear the small scarf around your neck. What matters most is the color you choose for the scarf and the haori. Look for complimentary colors and you will not be disappointed. For instance, a black haori can go well with a red scarf. A beige scarf can as well match with a blue toned haori.



Placing a belt over your haori is wise and stylish. However, if you want to maintain the traditional look, you should leave the haori open. Wearing a belt adds flair to your overall look. Again, colors matter a lot in matching the haori with a belt. A black belt goes well with most colors of haori.

The haori jacket is versatile as you have probably noted. If you take these factors into consideration, you will definitely look stylish both during the cold and warm weathers. Do not forget that colors are one of the most important aspects you should consider every time you want to wear a haori jacket.

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