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An emblematic creature of Japanese folklore, Kitsune is a trendy magical animal in Japan. The Kitsune is a fox spirit that belongs to the yokai family, and it's a Japanese supernatural creature. However, it has many powers, including that of taking the appearance of a young woman. It is said that he would be the messenger of Inari, goddess of trade and rice.

However, the fact of origin of Kitsune is still unclear, as it is assumed as the subject of many Taoist Shinto and Buddhist legends. Today, Kitsune is also available as a blank cosplay mask.


The Origin of the Kitsune Mask:

The term kitsune means "fox spirit" in Japanese. According to some scientists, this yokai was born from very ancient legends of Chinese before integrating Japanese folklore. The fox spirit of the 9-tailed famous is called Kumiho in Korea or Huli Jing in China. Also, the creature is near to the Indian Rakshaka, who possesses the spiritual powers of a mischievous and illusionist character.

Meanwhile, most of the Japanese folks admit that Kitsune originated from an indigenous concept. In the early 11th century, the fox appeared in the Konjaku Monogatari as an Asian folk tales Japanese collection. It is said that in harmony, Japan, humans, and foxes lived together in ancient Japan. Kitsune is benign from the 9th century as Japanese culture, unlike his Chinese and Korean counterparts.

Different Types of Kitsune:

Today, different kinds of Kitsune are available related to the 13 elements of Japanese mythology: fire, void, earth, sky, etc. Among the most famous types of Kitsune are:
  • The Myōbu are benevolent Kitsune linked to the divinity Inari and the celestial element.
  • The Nogitsune is incredibly naughty, but not necessarily malicious associated with the element of emptiness.
  • The Bakemono are ghosts. You should know that after their death, magical foxes have the choice to sacrifice one of their tails as a transformation into a spirit.


The Features of Kitsune Mask:

This mask is characterized by having the shape of a fox in white, with details in red. It is an apparent reference to Japanese culture since it is known worldwide; it is used in several eastern countries to attract fertility to the sowing fields.

What Kind of Paints can be Used for Painting?

There are different painting colors available in the market, such as oil paints, Acrylic, Watercolor, Markers, fabric, pastel Tempera. But to paint a Kitsune MASK, typically acrylic paints and fabric paints are useful.

The Techniques of Painting:

Paint is made up of two fundamental elements that is pigments and the binder. Stains are mineral or chemical substances in powder form with various colors. Binders are the elements that give cohesion and fix pigments. Painting techniques are determined by the binder, as the pigments are approximately the same. Depending on the binder, the method of painting is applied only in a blank cosplay mask.

Which Festivals use the Kitsune Mask?

The Kitsune festival is benign from the 9th century as Japanese culture, unlike his Chinese and Korean counterparts. Kitsune masks are worn by participants in Shinto festivals or just for fun. According to history, foxes were seen as magical creatures with the shapeshifting ability. However, Kitsune is considered as an important figure in some festivals that involve this god. Traditional Japanese masks are primarily decorative and available for sale at any shrine festivals of Japan. 

Benefits of Painting a Kitsune Mask:

At child early age, painting is more appropriate because it conveys many things, expresses emotions, explores color, shares ideas, and creates aesthetically pleasing work.
Early education mostly places the value of painting in blank plastic mask while keeping the safety factor in mind, for instance, non-toxic material. When you do painting with children, you will develop a parent-children relationship with creativity.

Ending Lines:

Today, Kitsune mask is used in the theatre. However, many kabuki plays the feature role of some popular tales of a fox in the theatre. Kitsune is a magical creature that both fascinating and mysterious. Kitsune's popularity continues to grow every year; that's why most flocks choose the blank mask DIY to put a desired design in the mask.
Kitsune mask has also become an important part of Japanese pop culture, its eye-catching red and white designs frequently appearing in anime and manga, such as Naruto, One Piece and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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